How To Choose Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting for Gardeners

Solar lighting technology is advancing quickly, giving the user better lighting at really affordable prices.

Solar lighting requires less installation than traditional mains lighting. Because solar doesn’t require a 240 volt supply, it is much more flexible.

In the past few years solar technology has advanced quickly.

LED bulbs have improved performance and reduced power consumption improving overall performance. Solar lighting used to need substantial direct lighting in order to charge properly. Recent solar technology harvest energy much more efficiently. This technology is anticipated to continue to develop at a rapid pace.

Several different types of solar lighting are available. Wall mounted lantern lights. Hanging or fixed post lighting. Many different fairy light designs. Recessed design deck lighting. PIR sensor solar security lighting.

Some solar lights contain the solar panel in the light unit itself, while others have a wired panel that you can position nearby to harvest energy. The position and aspect to the sun will ultimately determine the ideal style of solar lights for your needs.

solar fairy light strings

Lights with solar panels built into them tend to be smaller because of the space limitations, which can sometimes cause issues because they then require more light for longer in order to function well.

In less sunny locations, lights with external panels will allow you to position the solar panel in direct sunlight. High quality replacement rechargeable batteries will improve the performance of your solar lights. Your solar lights will be more efficient with high performance rechargeable batteries fitted.

Get the best Performance from your Lights

As with house buying, with solar lighting, it is all about location, location, location. Ideally, place your lights to get the maximum direct sunlight per day. The performance of your lights will be massively affected by the length of time they are exposed to light, so the less time spent in shady conditions the better.

Solar lights are much less efficient in shade and shadows, so try to position your lights for optimum sunlight. Product performance will improve as solar panel and battery technologies improve further. Sales of solar lighting devices are growing every year and there is little sign of this trend reversing.

Solar energy is good for the planet as it helps to preserve the planets precious fuel reserves while also reducing your energy bills.